The Elijah House Team


James Henderson

Job Developer


As the Job Developer, James is responsible for creating job opportunities in market and help suitable candidates better acquaint themselves and their knowledge with the options they are given. Once residents have hit their 45-day mark of treatment, it is then James' job to begin the process for these men to learn the proper skills needed for such job possibilities.

James is committed to providing skills, knowledge and understanding which not only meets but surpasses the needs that will be met with these job opportunities. Some training and skills that will be met are as follows; resume building, attaining drivers license, assessing and managing clients desired career direction. 

And lastly, he will will work as an interface and/or mediator between the employers and the job seekers. By doing so, he will know the job seekers interests and the employers requirements and better them to be able to find the job they want and help them acquire the skills required for that position and/or schooling. 


Basil DeAnda

S.L.E. Director 


Basil is responsible for standard compliance of operations for all Sober Living Environment (SLE) Homes. His duties involve close communication with each home manager who handles the day to day function of each home. He reviews the logs and records of each home to insure the residents are complying with the guidelines, standards and rules within the SLE environment. He is also verifies that they are complying with their individual requirements based on their particular circumstances. He coordinates all services, repairs and maintenance required to keep each SLE functioning at the standard which has been set for Elijah House. This includes all exterior spaces that provide a clean and comfortable space where residents can socialize, garden or simply just relax. 

Basil’s duties include the planning and implementation of bringing additional SLE Homes into the program and the supporting logistics. He assigns a team of resident’s to assist in the preparation, installation and organization of each new SLE Home to be a replication of the standard. He also coordinates random drug test within the home environment in accordance with the mandatory guidelines and regulations. Basil has been a long time Pastor and has been involved with the counseling of individuals over the years. His spiritual beliefs guide him through his daily life and give him the compassion for others that he brings to Elijah House.

Julie Snyder

Drug and Alcohol Counselor


Julie conducts Drug and Alcohol Counseling Sessions. She works with residents to determine the most effective treatment path. She holds sessions specific to an individual’s needs and tailored for their personal program. 

Julie facilitates working with Narcotics Anonymous, Alcohol Anonymous, and other drug and alcohol related programs. Encompassing all of these resources; to the benefit of the resident, providing as many alternative avenues of assistance for them.

She is responsible for making sure that all treatment charts are properly documented and submitted to the department head for approval. The collection of all critical forms and documentation is a crucial part of the program process. Accurate and concise documentation ensures a smooth transition through the various phases of treatment. 

Julie’s personal goals and vision are aligned with The Elijah House focus on delivering the absolute best quality and care environment possible. Her spiritual awareness and desire to be a part of changing people’s lives for the better is paramount. 


Julie, "I was given the gift and freedom of finding my way out of years of addictions through the love and forgiveness of God. I have a servants heart to give back the same gifts, encouragement and freedom from bondage to others suffering. And to show them restoration can happen, and they are awaiting their miracle."


Emily Testroete

Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Case Manager


As a case manager, resident care is priority to Emily. She is responsible for assessing and monitoring clients behaviors while in treatment for chemical and alcohol dependency. She is to develop treatment plans to reduce or eliminate substance abuse and addictive thinking.

Depending on the needs of the client, she will work with the job developer to enhance her clients employ-ability and/or other legal means of income. By doing so, ensures her clients to maintain a stable living after treatment.

As a case manager she is responsible for providing crisis management and counseling services; by, instructing group and educational sessions. In addition to family reunification groups. 

Emily's spiritual beliefs and ideas coincide with The Elijah House visions which make her a perfect fit for our facility. 

Emily, "From personal experiences I was able to relate to those struggling with addiction and the negative impact it has on their loved ones. My passion grew stronger, in wanting to play a role in changing people’s lives for the greater good and instilling hope in them. I began working at The Elijah House Restoration Center in September 2018 as a case manager; which has furthered my passion in being able to assist those suffering from addiction while supporting their spiritual, mental and behavioral growth along the way."

Tracy Harrison

AOD Counselor/ Class Instructor


As an AOD Counselor, Tracy instructs course material while monitoring clients behaviors while they are in treatment for chemical and alcohol abuse and dependancy. He also documents clients behaviors in a group setting, while participating in certain activities such as educational and process groups.

Such counselors will also be providing crisis management and counseling services while also running group therapies and education for the clients and family/significant others in a therapeutic setting. And allowing them to say what they need to say and also help them mend relationships. 

His other duties include caring for the client's emotional needs and helping them cope with certain situations or feelings that are having a negative affect on them, and to learn better ways to deal with such feelings and/or situations. He will also be coordinating treatment and discharge planning with their case managers. 


Tracy, "I got into this field because I was called by God to share with others that are suffering and under attack from addiction. How He took me out of the muk and mire of my addiction and transformed me into a vessel worthy to do his work."

John Mitchell

Program Manger-Back 2 Work


Our back 2 Work program specializes in helping those who have employment barriers gain valuable skills while earning a paycheck. As the Program Manager for the B2W program, John gets the priveldge of enjoying the fruit of many who have helped prepare our clients to enter the work force. John oversees our work crews, job development and training departments and focuses on building relationships with partner agencies, businesses, community and government organizations.

John sits on our Board of Directors and he pastors a local church in our community. He first began working with The Elijah House in 2018