Procopio Family

We purchased bare land in Bangor CA in 2003. We sacrificed a lot of time and expense and worked very hard to develop the land that God provided, into what you see today. We never dreamt that God would use it to bless so many lives. We decided to sell our home in 2015 and we diligently prayed that whoever bought it would enjoy our efforts and be very blessed by it. During that time we had many people interested in purchasing but nothing ever moved forward. One Sabbath morning we were at church talking to Brian our friend and fellow Adventist, he told us that he had returned to ministry. We were very excited about him returning to ministry. We have always felt that God has really blessed him with a gift in helping others around him. He also mentioned that we needed to talk about our home and the possibility of it being used for ministry. After talking with Brian and learning that he had partnered with Joe, our acquaintance (now Friend) and fellow Adventist, we leaned they started a ministry called The Elijah House, we believed it was a good team combination. We know Joe to have a gift for ministry and a passion for business while Brian has a gift and passion for ministry and the health message. We reached an agreement with them very quickly and easily, confident that the Holy Spirit was leading all of us. We wanted our home to be a blessing and saw the opportunity for Joe and Brian to share Gospel Truths and create in others healthier habits that last a lifetime.

We praise God for the plans he had for our home that are bigger than we ever dreamt of and for allowing us to be a part of it. 

"With men this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible" Matt. 19:26

Thank you Procopio Family for what you have done in making it possible for your beautiful ranch to be used to transform lives. When we look back, we are so thankful for the amount of faith you exercised when we faced obstacles that seemed to shut us down in starting a treatment center. You kept saying, "God wants this to happen." even when we said it looked like it would not work.  Your faith and combined prayers, this ranch is now being used to; as stated, "change lives."