The Elijah House was founded for a simple reason; to meet a great need in the community; a need of quality, consistent, family oriented healing. All of us struggle with some sort of addiction, The Elijah House Is a Licensed and certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Our program consists of 3 facets; Residential Treatment, Sober Living Environment and Out-Patient care. We are committed to be there for any person, willing to make a choice to recover from their Addiction. We believe that The Elijah House experience is a unique one; one that will provide you with the necessary tools to recover from drugs and or alcohol and gain spiritual awareness and growth.




"To Lead in the Restoration of the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Transformation through Jesus Christ"



About Joe



Joe Henderson is married to Megan Henderson; they have a beautiful son Ezra. Joe has been involved in ministry for the last four years; conducting speaking engagements and In-House personal Bible studies. While holding bible studies each week, Joe discovered a real need for something more. He laid out plans for a program, that provides quality treatment care and quality Housing to individuals that struggle with addiction. He envisioned a place where he himself would feel comfortable and proud to live. He thought “Anything less would not be acceptable”.  

With his family's past experience in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment environment, Joe was determined to move forward with a program he had been thinking about for years. He was certain he could design and execute a program that would be of the best caliber possible. With that conviction, his dream for the Elijah House was set in motion. His plan would take place in three phases, The Sober Living Environment (S.L.E) homes, The Residential Treatment Center and lastly The Out-Patient Treatment. With this vision, and the Lord blazing the trail he immediately launched what we know to be today as The Elijah House.